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Whats The Deal With Loc Extensions


Hey and welcome to another Blog post brought to you by Shai Farasha Sekhmet for The House Of Shayaa, if you are not familiar with me I am the Co-Owner of the First Hair locking and Natural hair Salon in the east Midlands UK, We were founded in 2007.

It's a pleasure to be here today giving you valuable information about the Natural hair/ hair locking lifestyle and way of life.

Who are Loc extensions for?

Loc extensions are for the people who want that instant fix and don't want to have to wait for their hair to grow to their desired length.

Do you use Human Hair or Synthetic?

I use both but prefer Human Hair, here's why - Synthetic hair give's you the effect and the look of natural locs but doesn't give you the full formation you can still see that it is synthetic as it feels and looks different. It keeps it's plastic shine, what will happen is your own natural hair will loc as it grows through whereas Human hair will go through the loc stages just like if it was your own hair, there fore you will have a complete natural look, the thing that still gets me a bit being honest is that obviously it once belonged to someone else, that means that it will carry their spirit/ dna this doesn't seem bother most people.

How Long does it take to Form?

Well... it varies from person to person, but your looking at approximately 8-12 months depending on your coil pattern for your hair and Human hair to from/loc, Synthetic hair will age but will take longer to form, your own hair will form in the same time as the human hair time scale, I'm talking about being totally loc'd not just budding.

Can you tell that they are Loc extensions?

They look pretty convincing, They mimic locs very well, everyone that have had them installed by me have loved them, I initially started years ago with synthetic hair only and at that time it was great, it does what it is supposed to do, Since human Afro kinky have come to market though it has flipped the script, now you can almost have real locs LOL.

How Long does it take to install?

Depending on the size it can take up to 3 days, now that's for small loc extensions for an average/large size approx 12 hours.

Does it have to be one colour?

Now luckily we can purchase various colours, so if you want it to look like your tips have been dyed, you can.

Can I wash my loc extensions?

Yes but it's best we do that for you, as you can get some slippage.

When is it best to wash my Loc extensions?

12 weeks mainly to be on the safe side, we don't want them to be washed too rough and slip.

Hope my blog post gives you the real deal with loc extensions, I will put up an update on the loc extensions in the gallery above, as those locs are around 1 year old now.

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