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Check out our opening times

Our Opening times are subject to change so do please check our site for the days and times that we are open, when booking online it will show when we are available only, not when we are not so if there is a specific day and person that you want to book with but it doesn't show on the timetable it means that those times/person are not available, it will always only show availability.  Hope this helps we don't want you left frustrated you just have to choose another day then the Loctician you want should be available for you.

Also you can book in online 24/7 it's the internet it never closes 😉 you can also buy Awake by Shai farasha products via our online shop here  our products are #handmade and #plantbased we use them daily for the majority of our services, which include #Loc #retwist, #Interlocking, #twostrandtwists, #rodsets, #strawset, #Cornrows treatments and much more.

Thanks for your custom please share this with your circle as it might benefit someone you know.

Thanks a million 


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