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The Bruk Down Detox Challenge Starts Today 🙌🏾

The Bruk down detox challenge starts today October 1st 2019. This is an invitation for you to join us in cleaning our colons 1 week at a time Bruking down the main things that clog up our systems.

We started the Bruk Down Detox challenge last September for four weeks it was purely just to detox from toxins and do it as a collective within the salon.

We have started today with Meat free week, the first seven days of just meat removed from you diets **see poster below for details, this should be the easiest part.

Week two is wheat free week, here’s the catch; your going to be wheat and meat free 🙃.

Week three dairy free week 🤭 you will be meat, wheat and dairy free.

Week three sugar-free 😮 you will will be meat, wheat, dairy and sugar free! Discipline maybe need for some as Week 4 is test’s your motivation to succeed especially if you haven’t cut it before!

All being well you will make it to the end of that week 🙌🏾 you’ve gone clear 👏🏾 that’s four weeks of breaking down any waste in your broken system, clearing out the colon being able to go to the Loo with ease on a regular basis with more energy and being able to start a fresh.

We are going to re-start your system.

Wait for it there is a bonus week 😮5 days of completely on cooked fruit and vegetables yes we are going raw 💫🍇🍆🥦🥝🍏🥬.

Keep us posted on your progress share what eating eating how your feeling etc with us we will be doing the same.

Ps please share with peeps who may find this very attractive .

PPS. "Bruk" another way to say "Break" usually pronounsed this way by people from the carribean.

Team T.H.O.S

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