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Unlock Your Best Self: Get Glowing Skin and Beautiful Hair with a New Routine


Hair loss and thinning are common concerns among individuals. To address these issues, we have launched a new subscription/product to add to your daily haircare and skincare routine – Trilogy Hair Routine. This routine includes Magic Wata to hydrate your hair and skin, Loc Butter to moisturise, and Loc Oil to protect and shine.

In addition to this routine, we now offer daily shots of Liquid Collagen to further improve your hair and skin health. It typically takes between 15-90 days to start noticing the positive results from taking liquid collagen, but the results are well worth the wait. Shai, owner of The House of Shayaa, has been using Liquid Collagen alongside the Trilogy Routine and has noticed significant improvements in her hair and skin health.

Here are 10 benefits of having a daily haircare and skincare routine:

  1. Increased hydration for your hair and skin

  2. Improved texture and strength for your hair

  3. Reduced split ends and breakage

  4. Enhanced shine and luster to your hair

  5. Protection from damage caused by heat and styling

  6. Improved scalp health and reduced scalp sensitivity

  7. Increased elasticity and suppleness to your skin

  8. Reduced appearance of wrinkles and dark spots

  9. The enhanced complexion and overall skin tone

  10. Improved hair and skin health overall.

Using a regular haircare and skincare routine is an essential part of maintaining your hair and skin health. With the right products and supplements, you can experience amazing results. If you’re looking to improve the look and feel of your hair and skin, then give our Trilogy Hair Routine and daily Liquid Collagen shots a try!


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