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About Us

Discover the transformative power of natural beauty at The House of Shayaa, where Master Loc Therapist Shaifarasha and her family have been pioneering the natural hair and skin care revolution since 2007.


Starting as Naturals at Evindi,' our mission was to showcase the true glory of loc maintenance and natural Afro hair care in the East Midlands, pioneering a movement that values health over harsh chemicals.

Shaifarasha, the Midlands' only trained Loctician, believes in revealing the natural potential of each strand. With over 3,000 successful starter locs and natural transitions from relaxers and perms, Shai and her team prove that embracing your natural beauty can change your life.


Our holistic approach at The House of Shayaa, meaning 'Will Power,' focuses on the balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit, reflecting our belief that true beauty starts from within.

In 2020, we expanded our vision with a home-based salon and launched "Awake by Shaifarasha," a plant-based hair and skincare line, alongside "THOS Haircare," specializing in loc products.


Our commitment extends beyond products, as we foster a community through our subscription site featuring over 1,500 members who enjoy access to natural hair care ebooks, challenges, and even new clothing.

Explore our blog to connect with stories of transformation and tips on maintaining healthy hair without resorting to toxic chemicals, bleaches, or damaging treatments.


Whether you're considering starter locs, loc retwist, or simply seeking a natural hair and skin care regimen, Shaifarasha and her daughter Jordan, alongside the dedicated team, are here to guide you.

Join us at The House of Shayaa in Nottinghamshire, where we harness the essence of natural ingredients like oils, butters, and herbs to foster your journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you.




Our Story

Discover the beauty of natural hair care with Shaifarasha, in the Midlands' only trained Loctician. At The House of Shayaa, we've guided over 2,500 clients through their natural hair journeys since 2007, promoting healthy, chemical-free lifestyles. Explore our holistic approach to beauty that balances mind, body, and spirit at our Nottingham-based salon and through our plant-based product lines. Join us in embracing your natural beauty without harsh chemicals or treatments. Visit our blog at The House of Shayaa for more insights.

Our Vision

At The House of Shayaa, our vision is clear: to lead in loc maintenance across the UK and elevate our presence as an international brand. With our expert knowledge and passion, we are dedicated to becoming the number one resource for loc and natural hair care, providing comprehensive online courses in loc maintenance, natural hair, and natural skincare. Our blog is poised to be the #1 destination for the loc and natural hair community, offering top-tier subscription packages that cater exclusively to loc maintenance.

Our mission extends beyond beauty—it's about empowerment. We aim to empower both women and men to wear their natural hair with pride, while significantly reducing the chemical damages often caused by bleaches, relaxers, and perms. As a champion in the East Midlands for hairlocking and natural hair care, we are committed to being the go-to platform where natural beauty is not just seen but celebrated.

"Beauty from within, captivates from without." – Shayaa

Join us as we not only transform hair but also foster confidence and promote a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

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