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Memberships & Bundles

Now you can get your Locs maintained with consistency and with ease.

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Choose your monthly subscription

  • Amethyst Membership

    Cada mes
    Perfect for those who want the ease of booking online. Plus receive from 5% of Products
    Válido por 12 meses
    • Unlimited access to online booking
    • ***The service's included are NOT free, this membership
    • Allows you access to book an appointment on pay in person
    • 5% off Products
  • Onyx Care: Complete Loc Maintenance

    Cada mes
    +55 GBP Consultation/ Joining fee
    Comprehensive loc service: Wash, Rinse, Retwist.
    • 10 -109 locs only
    • Locs are washed
    • Locs are moisturized and re twisted
    • Herbal Rinse
    • Please be aware that your locs will be counted and costing
    • Comprehensive Consultation: A detailed hair and scalp assess
    • Priority Booking: Early access to booking their initial appo
    • 10% off on all hair care products purchased during the subsc
  • Best Value

    Citrine Membership

    Cada mes
    Perfect for those who want consistency
    • 200-300 Locs Only
    • Wash Locs and Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
    • Loc Retwist
    • 1 Extra wash
    • Save upto 17% usually upto £125.00
    • Valid for 12 Months
  • Onyx Interlock Elite Subscription

    Cada mes
    +55 GBP Consultation / Joining fee
    Interlock and Crochet maintenance
    • 2 hours interlock/crochet per month
    • Apple cider vinegar rinse when needed
    • No; no show fee
    • Can book appointment up to 1 hour before service
    • 10% off on all hair care products purchased during the subsc
    • Automatically added to one of our online programmes
  • Onyx Crown Essentials

    Cada mes
    +55 GBP Consultation /Joining fee
    I'm all in
    Válido por 12 meses
    • Wash & Retwist
    • ACV Rinse/ Herbal Treatment
    • Style
    • loc touch up
    • 10% off on all hair care products purchased during the subsc
  • Citrine Crown Essentials

    Cada mes
    I'm all in
    • Wash & Retwist
    • AVC Rinse/Treatment
    • Loc Style
    • Touch up
  • Onyx Duo: 2-Person Loc Care

    Cada mes
    +55 GBP Conultation / Joining fee
    Double up your services.
    • 2 full wash and Retwists per month
    • 2 Treatments per month
    • Priority Booking
    • 10% off on all hair care products purchased during the subsc
  • Mahogany Micro fine Crown Care

    Cada 6 semanas
    +55 GBP Consultation/ joining fee
    2 hr 45 min Only Loc mainentance
    • 15 Min Free Wash
    • 2hr 30min Loc maintenance
    • Selected Online Programmes
    • Herbal Rinse
    • 10% off all haircare products during Subscription
  • Mahogany Micro fine crown care

    Cada 6 semanas
    4hr 45min session
    • 15 min Free wash
    • 4hr 45min Shayaa Micro-fine loc maintenance
    • Selected Online Programmes
    • 10% off on all hair care products purchased during the subsc
    • Herbal Rinse
  • Sapphire Serenity Package

    Cada 8 semanas
    +30 GBP Consultation and joining fee
    Sapphire Serenity: Elevate your style with tranquility and care.
    • Every 8 weeks
    • 1 session of crochet locs installation (up to 3 hours)
    • £80 per session (saving £8 per session)
    • 10% off on all hair care products purchased during the subsc
    • After 6 sessions, receive a complimentary deep conditioning
    • Own hair is cornrowed, crochet locs are then attatched
  • Onyx Interlock Elite 6 week plan

    Cada 6 semanas
    +55 GBP Consultation/Joining fee
    Regular Loc care, 6-weekly subscription, £110.29.
    Valido para 72 semanas
    • 2 hours Interlocking for medium average size locs
    • Herbal Rinse
    • Loc detox
    • Plant Based butter treatment
    • Apple cider vinegar rinse
    • Automatic Access to online programmes
  • Mahogany Platinum Micro Fine Crown Care

    Cada 6 semanas
    6h.45M Micro Interlocking service with advanced loc maintenance
    • 6h 45min Micro Interlocking Service
    • Cleanse Locs
    • Loc detox

Please note that your plan will renew automatically at the end of the term. None Refundable

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