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About Us

Shaifarasha is a Master Loc Therapist, natural hair care specialist, and a Natural hair and skin care manufacturer, Shai wanted to show her community how there is beauty in their hair, whether worn in Locs or a Natural look/ style without the use of Toxic chemicals, bleaches, relaxers, and perming damage. Over 2,500 starter Loc and transitions from relax/perm to natural have been done by Shai and her team.


How would your life be different if your hair and skin become free from harsh, damaging chemicals, dry scalp, and straightener damage?


Finding a hairstylist who suits you is one of the biggest predictors of your hair's success.


As Lao Tzu said "Do what's difficult when it's easy"


Shaifarasha, Master Loc Therapist and the midlands only trained Loctician shares why she wants to change your current hair situation.


15 years ago, Shai realized too many people didn't know about their own natural hair potential. So Shai set off on a journey to find the answers to her questions about natural hair and hair care to help others. 


Over the years, Shai sought out the secrets to having a "Natural Life" the balance of the three major pillars of health: Mind, Body, and Spirit.


After studying at The Adornment Institute of Locticians, Braiders, and Natural Hair Specialist in 2005, Shai went on to become a Loctician and Natural Hair specialist.  Her business "Naturals at Evindi" launched July 2007 along with her hair and skincare brand Atijah Organics Shai and her family partner Natron, her daughter Jordan 10yrs Son Cairo 8 yrs and Toddler Kamose 1.2yrs started. It was a hit and she soon had to start employing a staff team.

By 2011 and surfing through the first recession she re-launched and re-named her business to The House of Shayaa; Shayaa means (Will Power) which we all need in life. Her Daughter Jordan joins the team to soon become a partner in the business and has successfully treated and guided over well over 2,500 on the path to starting Locs, returning to natural, and using natural/ organic products in their daily life. Shai and Jordan use their knowledge of natural oils, butters, herbs and natural hair-care to allow people to see the importance of grooming and maintenance.

Fast forward to 2020 a massive year of change for many people she now runs a homebased salon with her team, a plant based hair and skincare line "Awake by Shaifarasha" a Loc products line "THOS Haircare" a subscription site with over 1500 paying and non paying members which includes natural haircare ebooks, challenges  and *new clothing

Shai proves that there is always room for change.




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Our Story

On July 14th 2007 Naturals @ Evindi now known as The House of Shayaa opened its doors to the public offering a wide range of Natural hair care and Hair locking services.  April 2011 saw the expansion and opening of Shayaa.  Lie  back  relax whilst we take care of you, yes we have a client base larger than ever anticipated but we always take care of you as a individual.  Welcome to Shayaa and be ready to be introduced to a "new natural you".

Our Vision

To empower women and men with confidence to wear their Natural hair with pride, and to decrease chemical damage caused by, Bleaches, Relaxing and Perming.  This is a matter of concern our aim is to be the platform in the East Midlands for Hairlocking and Natural Hair care.

"Beauty from within, Captivates from without" Shayaa....

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