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Interlocking Yes or No PT 1

Hey friend and thank you for stopping by.

A couple of weeks ago we noticed a pattern at The House of Shayaa, now I would love to say that everyones hair is in perfect shape, but in reality it actually is'nt, well not untill we give them the magic touch.

Two of our clients had something in common, but this something occured in slightly different ways but the outcome was exactly same.

They had both had their Loc's interlocked one client did their own and the other went to a ........wait for it........... Salon, now, this kind of thing is not acceptable especially from a professional i'm sure you have taken a look at the image above..

As you all know loc's take time, persistance, commitment and alot of tender loving care, not to mention the financial investment in self, this kind of miss-hap can be very detrimental.

Here is what The Y Loc will result in if left unsorted.

  • Hair pullling from the scalp. (you will see roots severed from head)

  • Tight, usually very tightly latched in one direction.

  • One Loc will eventually become two unwilingly

  • Each leg of the Y will start to loc making it difficult to repair, creating a hole when the victim of this atrosity wants it fixed.

Can this be repaired?

Yes but there are a few things you have to consider first.

What has to be considered?

As long as your loc's have'nt been left lioke this for too long this can be undone.

What will happen if left too long?

It will be irepairable, due to each leg of the why either being loc'd or severed.

How long is too long?

Consider how quickly your hair forms to determine how long it will take to loc but on average it's about a month and a half to two.

What should i do if my Loc's are like this?

Go seek professional assistance and get it done by someone who actually overstands the interlocking process and can see what is realy going on with your roots.

Do you offer a Loc repair service?

Yes we do we can give you the relevant advice and repair options. We allways try to resolve all miss-happs.

Disclaimer. in cases where the loc cannot be repaired, we hold no responsiblity.

Simply call or book with us online 01149792055/07956774721 book now

P.S Please share our blos post with someone you feel may benefit from the information given.

Peace and Interlocking.

Team Shayaa

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