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Whats Happening in 2017 so far?

We have updated our online booking system, it now has clear descriptions as to what the services are, it's quick and very easy. We have also added children's services so you can now book your children in for their hair care. Although it doesn't send a SMS reminder like our previous system it will send you an email, so make sure you add your BEST email address " we don't want you missing your important appointment now do we".

To access it all you have to do is go to the Book online tab or go here to book now and check it out.

New services have been added to our ever growing and uprising list, we have set packages to help promote healthy strong hair, roots scalp etc and to save money!! woohooo now who doesn't want to be able to receive the best and save!!


We re- launched our Plant based product range, its been given a new logo and name and is ready to be rolled very soon, to place an order as these do sell out pretty fast go here.

Our products are hand made with a vibrant vibe and with "nuff" love which makes them unique, there is always music playing when we are mixing up our collections and just like good cooked food its amazing.

So far we have re-twisted of 75 crowns in Jan and already nearly 54 this month, are you gonna next on our booking system, let us help you succeed naturally adults and children alike are enjoying the services here at The House of Shayaa. First time? don't worry we will look after you a 45 minute consultation is must we have to know that we are on the same page before we begin your journey, not been for a while? that's OK too it will be nice to have you back, come and be reminded of the premium plant based hand based product range that's used on you hair and not to mention the nice atmosphere from our staff and other clients. Come regular? you know we love your company and that you really over stand the importance of consistency, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow/next week maybe. Whether your a regular or not we treat you with honor and respect at all times. Look forward to you your presence.

Team Shayaa

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Nuff Love peace and Hair grease.

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