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Lets talk Micro-fine Locs

I thought we would start with the smallest and work our way up in size. Here on my right we have #Shayaalocs also known as #Micro-fine locs, there are at least 400 locs per head, (a lot) yes I know but the beauty of these is variety, you can choose to have them Interlocked or Palm rolled. When you choose the Interlock technique hold tight as these can take up to 3 days, they are very similar to #SisterlocksTM . The more locks you have the more styling potential, your locks are just larger strands of hair, and can be manipulated just how you want it.

patience is a must when choosing this size as it can take a little longer to form.

A question I always get asked is do #shayaalocs /small Locs break your hair? my answer is No not if you take care of them, they need you to be patient and consistent with them by this I mean regular maintenance at least every 6 weeks for interlock and at least 4 weeks for re twisty, now before peeps start to panic and say that it's too soon I have to tell you that Locs love to be clean and that they love the water, leaving it much longer can start to create a build up in the locs, you have to remember that we sweat naturally, in the atmosphere there is fluff and dust, we put all sorts of different products in hair, people touch our hair, we touch our hair, do get my drift?, so we have to keep up with good practice and with that comes the regular maintenance.

You will find that your hair and scalp will thank you for it. The formation of the #starterlocs happens in stages i.e #babyloc, #TeenageLoc, #AdultLoc then #seniorloc locs always have to go through the stages IT CANNOT BE CHEATED, some people have #crochetlocs and or #locextensions on mission to have instant locs but trust me when I tell you this you still have to go through the loc stages to reach your desired goal.

Micro Locs are adorable and many people wear them to see more images check out our hair gallery

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