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Natural Beauty Across Decades

Join Us on the Road to Rediscovery

This blog post is just the beginning. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and join us on the road to 1K followers, where more hair wisdom and stories await. Be part of a movement that celebrates not just the history of natural hair but its future. From loc products to plant-based beauty solutions, discover the power of embracing your natural beauty at The House of Shayaa.

Welcome to a unique session at The House of Shayaa, where history intertwines with haircare, and each lock tells a story of resilience, beauty, and transformation. Today, we're stepping into a time capsule with one of our cherished clients, embarking on a riveting journey through the evolution of her hair from the vibrant 1960s to the present day.

The Swinging Sixties and Beyond: A Hair Revolution Begins

Our journey begins in an era defined by change. The 1960s weren't just about the music and the moon landings; they were about challenging norms and embracing natural beauty in its most authentic form. Our client, then a young girl, witnessed the birth of the Afro, a symbol of pride and rebellion against conventional beauty standards. It was a time of awakening, not just societally but personally, as she began to understand the power of her natural hair.

From Braids to Bold Statements: The Evolving Hair Narrative

As we traverse through the decades, our client's hair narrates the tale of shifting trends and personal growth. The 70s and 80s saw an explosion of styles, from braids that spoke of heritage to the boldness of the Jheri curl, each style marking a chapter in her life's story. Yet, with each transformation, the essence of her natural beauty remained a constant thread, a reminder of her roots and the timeless allure of authenticity.

The Renaissance of Natural Hair: A Return to Roots

The journey comes full circle as we enter the modern era, marked by a resurgence of natural hair movement. Our client, like many others, felt the call to return to her roots. This renaissance wasn't just about style; it was about reclaiming identity and celebrating the diversity of natural hair in all its forms. As we work on her Locs, there's a sense of coming home, of embracing her crown in its most natural state.

The House of Shayaa: Nurturing Natural Beauty Through Time

At The House of Shayaa, we're more than just a brand; we're a community dedicated to nurturing natural beauty. Our THOS Loc Hair Care products and Awake by Shai Farasha skincare lines are crafted to support and celebrate your natural hair and skin journey, no matter the decade. And for those chronicling their own hair stories, our Natural Hair Journals and Workbooks offer a space to document every twist, turn, and triumph.

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