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What to know before starting your Loc Journey? Here are 10 facts with pros and cons

What to know before starting your Loc Journey? Here are 10 facts with pros and cons.

Starter locs, also known as locs, dreadlocks, or dreads, (dreads being an undesirable term)are a unique hairstyle that is becoming increasingly popular. On one hand, starter locs have many advantages, including low maintenance and versatility, but on the other, they can carry some downsides, like difficulty in styling and potential damage to the hair. Here, we will take you through the pros and cons of starter locs, as well as 10 key facts you should know before deciding to get a starter locs style.

Pros of Starter Locs

  1. Versatility: Starter locs can be styled in various ways, from braids to buns. This allows you to switch up your look from day to day.

  2. Protective: Starter locs can help protect your hair from damage by reducing the amount of shampoo and styling products used.

  3. Time-Saving: With starter locs, you don’t need to spend as much time getting ready in the morning, as there is no need to style or blow-dry your hair.

Cons of Starter Locs

  1. Can be difficult to Style: especially in the teenage loc stage when the starter locs are fuzzier it can be difficult to make them look neat and tidy. But it can still be done.

  2. Potential Hair Damage: If starter locs are not installed properly, they can cause damage to your hair. It is important to visit a trained specialist Loctician who can do the job properly.

  3. Increase in Shedding: Starter locs can increase the amount of shedding, as the hair can get tangled when re-twisting. You have to separate them (pop your locs) on a regular basis.

10 Facts About Starter Locs

  1. Starter locs are not the same as single-strand twists, which are a temporary styling choice.

  2. Starter locs can be done with natural hair

  3. Starter locs require a specific maintenance routine to keep them looking and feeling their best, moisturizing, and re-twisting.

  4. Starter locs can take up to two months or more to form, depending on the size and texture of your hair.

  5. You should wash your starter locs with mild shampoo.

  6. Starter locs need to be kept moisturized to prevent them from becoming dry and brittle.

  7. Starter locs can be styled in many ways, from updos to partial updos, braids, and buns.

  8. Starter locs can be colored, with highlights or all-over color, but the color should be applied carefully to avoid damage.

  9. Starter locs should not be backcombed, as this can cause damage and breakage.

  10. There are multiple starter loc techniques which include: Freeform, palm roll, comb coil, interlock, crochet loc, braid loc, two-strand twist starter locs, loc extensions

If you are considering starter locs, it is highly recommended to book a consultation with a Loctician, such as The House Of Shayaa, in order to receive professional advice on the suitability of the style for your hair type and texture, as well as helpful tips on maintenance. During the consultation, the loctician may perform a scalp analysis, ask questions regarding your current hair care routine, and discuss the lifestyle factors that may affect the look and health of your starter locs if you go ahead with the style. Following the consultation, the loctician can provide you with a plan of maintenance suitable for you, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether starter locs are the right choice for you.

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