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Micro, Small, Average Size Locs Which One Shall I Go For?

My question is always, when you picture your self with locs, because most people do, what do you look like, now some people still don't know what they look like all they know is that they love locs and they want it like somebody else!! there are a few who know exactly what they want.

Here's a little information about each: Now I'm, assuming that we have gone for the Re-twist technique, we will cover the other techniques in another blog post. #Shayaalocs or #microfine locs are the smallest that we do here at The house of Shayaa the main reason for that is the length of time that it takes to start and maintain themplease check out my blog on #shayaalocs there are at least 400 locs on the head

Micro fine locs will give you a better styling potential as it is so small it can be styles just like an Afro head of hair, most people choose this size solely for that reason and also because they feel it doesn't look too much like loc, and I know before you say it, it defeats the object!! any way............. It's a beautiful look but also has a beautiful price, those who are serious don't even blink at the cost whilst others may shy away and go for something else, but either way remember that its an investment into your self. You are looking at a price of from £300 depending on the length and depending on where you go!!

#smalllocs are just slightly bigger than #shayaalocs / #microfinelocs it still has a lot of styling potential, you can have #updo's, #braids, #cornrow, #basketweave, #rodset, #strawset the list is endless. there isn't that much that you can't do put it that way. On average these cost from around £120 to start.

#averagelocs this is the most popular, a lot of the masses go for this, there are a few #celebrities that wear their locs this size #Ledisi being one of them and #Bustarhymes used to have his this size, it is very #versatile easily managed and can be styled in many different styles, as a matter of fact mine are a mixture of small and average. These cost from £80 to start.

Now with all sizes there is an element of maintenance, this is a must as you want to consistently look after it to limit / prevent breakage, damage etc. you want them to have lustre and moisture not to be dry and brittle.

You should maintain them at least every 4 weeks this is for re-twist by the way not interlock.

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Image below is average size loc

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