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Shayaa Baby Locs!! These take you to the next Dimension

We have had a great week this!! in fact it's always great here at Shayaa, whilst Jamella our Beauty & Holistic Therapist has been sunning it in Mexico we have been twisting locs and styling till we almost reach the next Dimension.

Take a look at our Beautiful sista Phelisha, she joined the Shayaa family this week by starting Shayaa locs, which are small in size (very small) Micro infact but large in numbers at least 400 of them!!.

If you don't know I have to share with you guys, when starting locs you have to be prepared and patient as locs do not form instantly, they like to take their happy time and form when they are ready!! Now Locs go through stages Baby locs, Teenage (adolescent), Adult and then Senior. Depending on the indiviual Locs can take up to 1 year to transition to teenage or even adult, the hair texture/ coil pattern also has a determining factor!!

So be sure to come in to salon and have a consultation so that we can examine your mane ( hair) and advise you from there.

Peace, Kinks & Lurve

Shayaa Team


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