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Interlocking Yes or No PT2

Hey friends,

thanks for coming back for a dose of Interlocking Yes or No PT 2. Firstly if you have'nt read it already you may want to jump over to PT1 before you dealve into this post you can do that by going here.

If your cool with continuing as you are then Welcome and enjoy.

Well I call this the Chain Loc, a direct result of interlocking gone completely wrong, as you may or may not know this is my trade I am a Master Loctician and love what I do, now when I see that unproffesional people have created something like this it realy upsets me. A client may have even done this to themselves, it still upsets me.

Why? because it dos'nt have to be like this, always do your research before trusting someone including yourself in your own hair!!

The chain Loc will not form correctly as you can see from my very close up pic ( I take credit for photography) there are at least 2 visable holes. If left for too long and not removed the Loc will not fuse and there will always be a hole.


Can this be rectified?

In some cases yes, a professional with a keen eye will be able to remove it, as long as it is'nt left like this for too long, so immediate action needs to taken.

Does this cause damage to the hair or scalp?

If it is done tightly it will cause traction Alopecia, this is when hair is pulled tightly to a point that the hair folicle is removed from the scalp, doing this action over and over may result in the hair not growing back leaving bald patches.

What is the damage to the hair/Loc?

The loc will have holes in it which means there will be weak points, remember this is a result of creating a chain from Interlocing and if there has been hair loss the loc will gradualy become thinner and thinner.

Can the thinning Loc be repaired?

There are a number of ways that this can be repaired, in some cases which is usually a last resort removal of Locs may be required. As the roots start to grow the new growth can be retwisted into the original loc, keep in mind that this will take time and patience, there will be a thin point in the loc which can be hidden using either synthetic/human afro kinkyif need be.

Going back to Loc removal, as long as there is enough re-growth the loc can be re-attached.

In conclusion Locs are amazing and as long as they are taken care of they will look and feel amazing, with no problems at all, Loc Queens and kings all over the globe are enjoying the freedom that Hair locking brings there are a few techniques out the there for the maintenance and upkeep of your crowning glory.

If you or someone you know have had or are having problems like this then make sure you contact us, we can help you, and remember the sooner the better.

To book in for a consultation click here

Look out for Part 3 "The Conclusion" Interlocking yes or No.

Peace and Everlasting Loc'd Love

Johanna Thompson

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