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Fabulous Sistahs, Products Sales and Awards.

Oh what a Fantastic day, I was invited by my friend Carolyn Clark to speak about natural and to showcase my plant based product range, and little did I know that my day would be so fulfilled with stories from inspiring women.

The first 30 minutes I was in rush mode, I had to have my table set up and ready before the guests arrived. Luckily for me I had my little helper The one and only Kamose my son from he was a gem that day, he took photos filmed videos he was Fab.

Once we had set up which was just in time we were good to go, oh these women looked amazing, they really do know how out down a fashion show with their attire. From African print to floral elegant wears they all looked the part.

The event started with a Ice breaker which I must admit it was funny, multiple choice questions were asked and you had to answer by scoring your self it was so funny I'm more than sure I did it wrong by the end most people had high scores whilst mine a shocking score of 13 (problems).

Before we knew it it was time for tea and cake. I actually ordered myself and my son some hot food and had a networking session with a lovely Sistah's from All about you. She and I soon realized we had met before and hit it off like a house on fire.

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