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The Rasta Fairy Carnival inspired photo shoot

There really was a Carnival atmosphere in our house. The Rasta Fairy a well known modern Crochet-smith chose to shoot here wears at The House of Shayaa and "wow" does not express how impressive it turned out to be.

The day kicked off with the models from Birmingham, London and Nottingham getting their hair styled and make-up ready.

Shai Farasha (me)was under strict instructions that day, The Rasta Fairy knew what look she wanted, me being me I just had to put a lil bit of my own touch to it LOL.

We had music playing in the background as you know we better when we have our tunes, A fruit bouquet with Watermelons, Grapes, Pineapple and Kale we had Alkaline on Point that day, we were fully energized and ready to go on an on like Ariston...LOL.

We had a Stylist @jwangpanya

A Hairdresser @thehouseofshayaa @shaifarashasekhmet

A Photographer @kikibii

A Director @pretoquesa

and of a designer @therastafairy

Now let me list the models

@pyrimids @missshan @redlips52 @nguasena @iamsaffrongray @jannell.x

You will find these sistas on Instagram killing it.

These young sista's gave it their everything, they made The Rasta Fairy "Tun Up" as the younger's would say LOL

They had the chance to be creative and to say they didnt all know each other they hit it off with a bang, we are proud of Jordan Chance for all her hard work, the designing the sewing, the crochet was all done by her hand. Alot of love and effort was put into this line, whoever gets the chance the wear it will know that its pure positive vibrations and energy that has into the handmade manufacturing of her products.

The whole project is inspired by Carnival, the models were amazing, they followed instruction with ease, please do check out The Rasta Fairy at The House of Shayaa.

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