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Success At Our Learn How To Cornrow Workshop

Certificate presentation at The Learn How To Cornrow Workshop

Sunday March 4th was a brilliant day for both student Vanessa (right) and Trainer Shai farasha (left), this was our first official workshop with our own certification. We were so excited about sharing our skills and passing on our knowledge about care and maintenance of natural hair. Cornrow is just a small part of natural hair but plays a massive role as it is one of the oldest hairstyles on the planet, I mean its amazing it even survived slavery and has evolved a lot over the years.

We had the day planned out to a "T" with the aim of making sure our student could cornrow by the end of the session. Vanessa started the day thinking that she won't be able to do it, but she proved herself wrong as she learned the fundamentals and techniques of cornrow with detailed instruction.

I wrote a booklet which gives you a step by step breakdown of Coil Patterns, Products and Precise partings which are all important in the styling of cornrows, check out the image below.

I've called it "The Syllabus" this is a must have and comes from first hand experience of 10+ years in the field. Vanessa expressed that it helped and will help when she practices her new skill in her own time.

We have a number of workshops coming up due to start summer 2018, those of you who have children and are tired of asking people to do their hair this is perfect. Its also great for the people who just want to learn a new skill, your fingers can take you to many levels with practice you can earn an additional income from Knowing how to cornrow this workshop gives you basics, so if your new to it or need to know how to cornrow the right without causing damage to hairlines then attend. It's well worth it.

The day began with an introduction, our Model for the day was Jordan who was ready to be patient for the day, we knew that our student would either nervous or overly excited, so we were prepared for anything.....The syllabus was used for guidance we went through the coil patterns to begin with ( look out for my blog on coil patterns) this gives you a better understanding once you know them, The tools of the trade were up next, with the right tools you can create magic I always say it, "the comb is your wand".

Once the foundations were set we could begin.................

Take a look at our images Vanessa started out a novice not knowing how to position her hands and fingers, once she got the positioning right she was well away. The cornrows she created were fantastic, I had to praise her as I was so impressed.

Learn how to cornrow March 2018

Learn how to cornrow March 2018

Learn how to cornrow 2018

Learn how to cornrow 2018

Our workshops are set to start July 15th through to July 22nd 2018 so you don't miss out sign up to our news letter for updates. We will only be taking a small number of students so it is advised that you secure your space as soon as we confirm the start dates.

Thanks for staying with me to the end of my post, please share with people you know will find value in this information, sign up to our newsletter to be updated when we post to the blog that way you won't miss any updates.

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