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DIY: Rose Water!

Let's start with the question... what's all this new hype about Rose Water?!

If you're from any Caribbean/Asian backgrounds then most likely your parents and grandparents have this essential in their cupboards. Your Aunt's may have used it in their foods or your sister laces her bath with it. The uses (which dates back to Ancient Egypt) & benefits of Rose Water are endless & the effects of its healing properties speak for themselves when used in your beauty routine.

These are just a few of the benefits:

- Has anti-inflammatory properties

- Gets rid of Acne, Dermatitis & Eczema

- Reduces redness

- Revitalizes the skin

- Heals scars, cuts & bruises

- Can be used as Cleanser & Toner

- Regenerates skin tissue

- The aroma of Roses is said to be a mood enhancer (rids Anxiety)

- Helps get rid of Dandruff

Uses of Rose Water:

- Facial Spritz

- Facial Toner (before makeup)

- Setting Spray + Aloe Gel (after makeup)

- Scalp Cleanser

- Makeup Remover

- Rose Scented Bath

You can buy store bought Rose Water but I like the process/energy to start AND end with me, so i'm going to break down how I make my DIY Rose Water...

You'll need:

- A bunch of Organic or freshly picked Roses

- 500-750ml of Spring or Distilled Water **NO TAP WATER**

- Vodka or Witch Hazel (cap full)

To start:

First, rip and separate the petals from the flower and place into a heatproof bowl or jar.

Bring the water to boil and carefully pour over the Rose Petals, cover and let them steam for a little while or until completely chilled. If you want a more concentrated elixir then I suggest letting the petals steep overnight in dark cupboard. Once cooled, strain the water and bin the petals. (the petals would have lost their colour leaving the water with a pink-ish tone) At this point you're free to use it as it is! But if you want your Rose Water to last a good few weeks then this is where you throw in a cap full of Vodka, which acts as the preservative. If you don't want to use Alcohol as your preservative then switch to Witch Hazel, just keep in mind that it wont last as long!

For bottling & packaging I find it best to use the mini spray bottles from Wilko's which are 50p each, they fit in your bag so you can carry it anywhere!!

Rose Water is also perfect for cleansing Auras, so spritz yourself when you're feeling low or spritz the person next to you if their attitude stinks, it'll lighten up their mood.

Let Us Know If You Use Rose Water Or Have Tried This Recipe! We'd Love To Hear Your Feedback...

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