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When a Loc detox is more than needed

Our client came to us in need of help! Due to having a lifestyle which involves working away for long periods of time.  

His lock have felt the brunt of the pressure of being a lorry driver.

He thought there's nothing we can do, I was surprised to find that there was a style in the midst of regrowth, and build up, the style which was put in place to keep it neat had been over worked as it had more than grown out.

The locs had formed a whole new set of lock within the style which neither we nor he anticipated.

OK so here's what I did........ I started by wetting his hair with water and some oil as this is not the regular wash and retwist! Every Loc almost had to be torn apart which was very satisfying to say the least. 

This helped to loosen the build up to make it easier to wash out.

Gloves were worn in this process.

Los were washed thoroughly with a quick apple cider vinegar rinse to remove any last dirt.

Our client want a black rinse which will give it that extra fresh look once done.  He chose to have his locs interlocked due to lifestyle he wants it to stay neat ( hopefully he won't repeat what we've just undone)

To finish we styled his locs, check  it out 

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