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Instant Loc Extenstions

Ever wanted instant locs? How about instant Loc extension? well we have a service that will suit you, we have been working hard to get Loc extensions made and ready for our clients, we have almost reach our goal with the numbers, now we are able to fully offer this service. Instant Locs and Instant Loc extensions using the crochet Loc method.

Now you have a choice between waiting for your Locs to form naturally or going straight to the instant Loc Stage. it is the cheaters way of doing things but for some it’s 👌🏾 perfect.

In regards to the extensions we can use both synthetic and human hair both are pretty good options but personally if you want it permanently like forever ever then It’s best to go for Human hair.

We used human hair in the picture above.

We took images of the steps we took to achieve the style our client wanted who is perfect for his basketball lifestyle, check out the video below.

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Peace and Hairoil


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