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Lisa Hendricks' Natural Hair Journey: From Vosene to Long Locs | Loc'd in Conversation

Loc hairstylist podcast
Loc'd in Conversations

Join us in an inspiring episode of "Loc'd in Conversation: Natural Hair Narratives" as we sit down with Lisa Hendricks, a multifaceted mother of three, singer-songwriter, and newly qualified nurse. Lisa takes us on a unique journey through her hair story, reflecting on her haircare experiences from the 80s to the present day.

Listen as Lisa reminisces about her days as a Vosene shampoo user, her encounters with Green Dax, and nostalgic Sundays filled with the scent of a hot comb. Discover the evolution of Shai's business, from 'Naturals at Evindi' to 'Shayaa,' and finally to 'The House of Shayaa (Elevation).'

Delve into Lisa's childhood memories of doodoo plaits with white ribbons, her longing for cane rows, and her distinctive "plait in a plait" styles. Follow her transition through various hairstyles: finger waves in college, singles (braids) after her first child, and her gradual embrace of natural hair, influenced by her partner's locs.

Lisa shares her initial experiments with China bumps and two-strand twists, leading up to the moment she started her own locs in 2005. She opens up about her hair as a stress indicator, her battle with alopecia, and her journey to starting locs using two-strand twists.

Learn about Lisa's transformative experience as she resizes her locs with Shai's guidance, fulfilling her dream of achieving long, luscious locs. She discusses her adventures with bleaching and coloring, the resulting damage, and her "scissor-happy" phase post-trim.

To add value, Shai shares essential tips on managing stress, locs, and haircare with her exclusive H.M.P method (Hydrate, Moisturize, Protect) and introduces "The Trilogy," her handmade loc products.

Join us from the comfort of our humble home studio for this candid and authentic conversation on natural hair journeys.

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