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Zenobia's Hair Adventure: A Journey of Twists, Turns, and Amazing Hair

Updated: Jan 23

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Hey friends! Get ready for an incredible story. Today, I'm going to take you on a journey through Zenobia's hair adventure! She's not only a super smart quantity surveyor but also the face behind her own YouTube channel @zenobiadd. When Zenobia was just 10, she had a strong desire to relax her hair. At first, it seemed awesome, but as time went on, she discovered a different path.

Guess what? Zenobia's parents got married, and she got her hair relaxed for the big day! But before that, her mum used to create those iconic doodoo plaits for school, and she used Dax pomade (yes, the green one!) and S-curl. These were the coolest things in the 80s for the British Black community!

Watch video here: Zenobias Hair journey

During secondary school, Zenobia learned how to cornrow her hair and used a boxed relaxer called "Just for Me." Plus, she was a fan of pink lotion and continued relaxing her hair until she was about 19. Quite a journey, right?

But here's where it gets exciting... Zenobias Hair journey

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